Covid-19 Skin Care Trends

We’ve missed you! We know Covid-19 is a struggle. We are taking extra precautions to see you back in the office!

What are the skincare trends now? 

1.) Dysport around the Eyes! Mask mandates have everyone looking at the eyes.  Dysport around the eye will eliminate those crows' feet.  Don't worry, Dysport will not freeze your face!

2.)Photofacial to prevent Maskne.  That's right those masks we need to social distance can have some side effects like Mask Ance.  Fight it off with our PhotoFacial!  Now you can add on the Neck to prevent TechNeck!

3.) Lip Fillers.  This is always a favorite!  With all the zoom meetings, you will really want to look your best with Restylane Kysse!  You will love the results! 

4.) Laser Hair Removal!  That is right it is the season and we are filling up quickly, start a new area today.  You can get a full round of treatments before summer 2021!

5.) Microneedling and RF Microneeding.  Embrace the treatments that come with some downtime while you're working from home!  eTwo, ProFound, or the Exceed Microneedling Pen! You will not be disappointed. 

Don't miss out on our specials!  

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